HIST 3721 - History of Terrorism

HIST 3721 - History of Terrorism

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Activity 1: Motivation for Colonialism and Imperialism


In this activity, you will select and share salient information about a terrorist action. Before starting, go to the map and view some of the pins by clicking on them. Then identify a unique terrorist action. While it maybe in the same place, it could be from a different period. Gather information about where the action occurred, the period and the actors. Be prepared to write a brief description about the action and its outcome (no more than 250 words each). Identify and share some url’s that provide more information about the action.

Activity Map

Click the View Activity Map below to go to the map and view actions that have been posted to date. The map is global, so you can move around to see all parts of our world.

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Add Map Location

When you have chosen a terrorist action to share and collected all the information required: location, period, actors, description, outcome and additional information sites, click the Add Map Location link. Complete the form with your information and Save the form. A pin will populate the map with your information within five minutes.

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History of Terrorism Map

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Form Instructions

To create a pin on the map you must enter data into all the form fields. Write directly into the form text box. When identifying a location, write the name of it directly into the box whether it is a city or even the name of an ocean. The form will provide you with options as you type. Select the correct location when it appears. The pin will then be placed on the world map and you can drag and drop it for more precision if required. If you have selected a place where there is already a pin, no worries. Multiple pins will be visible as you zoom into the location.

Write your description of the actions and outcome concisely. No more the 250 words. Research and add as many url’s that will provide more information about the event. Adding multimedia will enhance the viewers learning experience. It is an opportunity for you to share information about this event and its importance to world history.

This map is accessible to the world. It is a non-moderated site, so post accordingly. TRU does reserve the right to delete posts that are considered inflammatory, rather than informative.